A day of Yoga - India meets Mallorca @ Sanuk Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca [15 de julio]

A day of Yoga - India meets Mallorca

de julio
10:00 - 15:30

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Sanuk Mallorca
C/Can Campaner 5 bajo, 07003 Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Namaste Yogis,

I am so happy to host this workshop with Vijay Gopala a recognized senior yoga teacher from India. He is on his Europe tour and makes a stop on our beautiful island to share some of his knowledge. I often try to point out in my classes how big yoga is and thats its not just its physical practice. Yoga became so modern and fashionable but theres so much more to it. I am always grateful that I did my first teacher training in India, where I have learned so much about the philosophy. This makes me even more excited to share some of this great Indian knowledge and authenticity here in Mallorca.

Vijay Gopala is an Indian Yogi who has dedicated his life to Yoga and has very deep knowledge and experience of the subject Yoga. His mission is to spread the knowledge of authentic Yoga worldwide, to bring Self-Awareness for a better Self and a better world. From his love and realizations he feels in his heart, to bring the essence of Yoga everywhere. Yoga in its completeness, beyond any styles.

Places are limited and you need to book your spot. The price for the whole workshop is 60 € and there is and early bird discount if you book your spot by the 25th of June you only pay 50 €.

Send me an email to [email protected] to make a reservation. You can also send me a WhatsApp to +4917622098977.

If you wanna read more about Vijay and his Europe tour you can have a look on yoga vitas website yogagita.org. Read the agenda below for more information.



10.00 – 11.30 Meditation

Practice of meditation is all about to what extent you are able to expand your awareness to feel the oneness (non-dual state) of the creation in between the sense perceived differences. You are surrounded by the ‘becoming’ process, which is narrowing your life expression by giving no space for your real Self expression. By bringing out this real Self you are tapping into the immense potentiality of the life.

11.30 – 13.00 Solve and evolve

The whole civilization process of modern humans has created a deep trap of patterns. In the name of religion, nationality, system, parentage, education etc. humans are strongly in uenced and surrounded by patterns from both inside and outside and have been made to express their life in a very limited and particular way. The great yogis of ancient India understood this trapping fact of life and found a methodology called Yoga by which any modification into a particular way can be taken into control. In the philosophical language it is expressed as building the ability to manifest life beyond the in uence of karma or past energy expression.
day life.

13.00 — 14.00 Lunchbreak

14.00 – 15.30 Discover the possibility of expressing unconditional love through Yoga

Unconditional love is the real true nature of all of us. But due to the imprints in the mind we fail to express this natural nature of us. Since Yoga is the best remedy for the imprints in the mind, in this session this dimension of Yoga will be brought to bring the light of unconditional love to your heart.
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