Structural Bodywork with Mitchell Gold @ Ashtanga House Mallorca. Ashtanga Yoga Shala, Palma de Mallorca [de 12 a 16 de julio]

Structural Bodywork with Mitchell Gold

12 - 16
de julio
11:00 - 16:00

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Ashtanga House Mallorca. Ashtanga Yoga Shala
Villalonga 41, 07013 Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Structural Integration (aka 'Rolfing') is a holistic and scientifically proven technique that is based on deep tissue manipulation and movement education. Come and join us in this 5-day workshop with Mitchell Gold and learn about functional anatomy, bodywork fundamentals and fascial bodywork.

When: July 12th-16th, 2018 (from 11 — 16hours)
Where: Ashtanga House Mallorca (c/Villalonga, 41. Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
Price: 300 euros
For payment, send a bank transfer to:
IBAN: ES13 2100 1690 5801 0060 1911 (CAIXA BANK)
Account name: Natalia Paisano
Don't forget to put your name and the name of the workshop.

It is essential to make a reservation. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Contents of the workshop:


* Spinal health (2+ hours):
Vertebral chain
Support Structure
Risk of injury
Maintaining health

* Foundation in the feet (2 hours):
Boney landmarks
Muscular fabric
Guide Lines — Superior and inferior
Rotation (s)
Risk of injury

* Breath Capacity ( 2+ hours):
Thoracic structure
Muscular wrapping
Shoulder Linkage
Risk of injury
Investigating volume & quality

* Head and neck balance (2 hours):
Boney landmarks
Muscular control
Strain & injury
Structural plasticity


* Structural Integration (`Rolfing¨):
Body diagnostics
Fascial Patterning

This is an introduction to the Principles of Structural Integration (aka ´Rolfing´) and an experiential exploration of 1st session of the Rolf 10-Series.

About Mitchell Gold:

Mitchell Gold is an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration (aka 'Rolfing'), with an extensive background in other bodywork modalities (e.g. Trager Work, Swedish-Esalen). He leads workshops internationally on functional anatomy, structural alignment and integrative bodywork.

Mitchell has worked extensively for the past 15 years with dedicated practitioners of movement — yoga, martial arts and dance — and has worked extensively with the effects and demands of Ashtanga. He is interested in the development of integrity through the resolution of structural imbalance, as well as the effective reduction of chronic pain.

Mitchell is also a long-term practitioner and Level II teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. He teaches Ashtanga with his partner, Kirsten Berg, in both the US and Southeast Asia.
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